Consultation - Motoring Services Strategy

18th March 2013. The Department for Transport (DfT) consultation paper on Motoring Services Strategy was due for response by 7th March. This document outlines the desire of the DfT to rationalise all of its operating agencies: DVLA, VOSA, DSA (Driving Standards Agency) and VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) and sets out its longer term view. The drive for more computerisation of functions continues along with reappraisal of whether functions can be more effectively sourced from other providers.

The paper takes a very high level perspective and we have commented on aspects which we anticipate will have implications for the historic vehicle movement. We have advocated caution in terms of a move to on-line transactions ignoring the checks required for older vehicles. We have also made representations regarding the removal of the VED licence disc which provides a quick, visible check of tax evaders or abandoned vehicles.

We will continue to work with the DfT on this topic.