Global Historic Vehicle Lobby Group Launches Pan European Survey

FIVA, the global historic vehicle interest organisation, today (26 March) started a new international survey. It focuses on the owners of historic vehicles throughout Europe. The survey will run simultaneously in 15 European Union member countries. FIVA wants to collect fresh data on ownership, usage, economic value, events, market trends and many more aspects.

The survey will be done in cooperation with professional market research and academic partners. This guarantees that the output of the survey meets highest privacy and quality standards, And therefore can be used by FIVA, in its contacts with politicians, authorities and other stakeholders, as valuable evidence for the social economic importance of the historic vehicle movement in European countries and worldwide.

FIVA strongly believes that it is crucial to be able to present recent facts and data, in times of ever stricter vehicle and traffic legislation and therefore FIVA appeals to all owners of historic vehicles to complete the survey.

The survey can be completed until 2 June and should only take about 12 minutes depending on the number of vehicles in the owners' possession. FIVA plans to present the results of the survey in autumn of this year, to the newly elected European Parliament, to the media and of course to FIVA's members. (FBHVC is the UK representative on FIVA).

FIVA are interested in capturing data on all historic vehicles (ie vehicles 30 years old or more, known in mainland Europe as 'oldtimers')). However in many countries of Europe there is also a category of vehicles known as 'youngtimers'. These are vehicles between 25 and thirty years old and are deemed to have heritage significance. Data on these vehicles in the UK is also being sought.

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