Federation Affiliates to Get Top Security Product

Members of vehicle clubs affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs are being offered one of the top vehicle security systems at a very special price. The Federation has negotiated a group discount with makers, Securit DNA so that FBHVC affiliates can purchase their forensic marking kit for less than £30.

Each kit contains a bottle of fluid in which tiny microdots are suspended. The microdots contain a unique synthetic DNA code which is retained on a national database and which records details of you and your vehicle. Police forces across the country regularly use this database when they recover stolen property. They are alerted to the presence of the forensic marking by shining an ultra violet  light on the vehicle’s components. If fluid is present it will glow under this light. Moreover should for any reason there not be any microdots available the fluid itself carries the unique DNA code and even the minutest trace will give up its secret when subjected to analysis by a forensic laboratory.

The product is very easy to apply and once purchased and applied it will protect the vehicle for its lifetime with the owner having no ongoing costs or subscriptions. Registration can of course be transferred to a new owner should the vehicle be sold.

“ Clearly with over a quarter of a million historic vehicle owners belonging to FBHVC affiliated clubs, we have considerable purchasing power”, said David Whale, Chairman of FBHVC, “ It is our aim to use that power to the benefit of our members, by offering relevant, good products at advantageous prices. We know from Police sources that historic vehicle thefts are growing very rapidly so we consulted with the Police when choosing the right product for our members.”

Owners can purchase as many kits as they require direct from the Federation at a cost of £29.90 each. All that is required to get this special price is to give your name, club and membership number, and of course a cheque made payable to FBHVC. An order form can be found at www.fbhvc.co.uk.