Sunday 26 April 2015 is Drive It Day!

As the dust settles on the Classic Motor Show, traditionally the unofficial close to the historic vehicle 'season', clubs will be turning their thoughts to the coming year and will be scheduling events in their calendars... if they haven't already done so!

The time is therefore ripe to ensure you have the dates for the annual FBHVC Drive It Day in your events diary. This is the day where historic vehicles of all sorts are rescued from their winter hibernation, thoroughly checked and cleaned, and taken out on the road. It's a fun day and much enjoyed by the general public who have a real affection for these important parts of our motoring heritage.

There is however a serious purpose behind Drive It Day. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, which devised and continues to promote the event, exists to protect historic vehicle owners' rights to use the public highway and Drive It Day is a tangible and thankfully peaceful demonstration of enthusiasts exercising that right.

It has been estimated that something like a quarter of a million historic vehicles take to the roads on Drive It Day and clubs traditionally hold meetings and 'scenic runs', very often as their season opener. Given the purpose of the event the more the merrier! This year the event reverts to its original format where FBHVC promotes the event nationally and clubs are free to select routes and venues to suit their particular requirements.

"Drive It Day seems to gain in popularity each year", says national co-ordinator, Ken Coad, "We get all types of vehicles, four, two and three wheelers, trucks, buses, tractors and even former military vehicles. The variety is endless and probably the only common factor is their age. To be classed as historic, a vehicle must be 30 years old or more."