The FBHVC Manifesto

The Christmas decorations are freshly stowed in the loft and with the strains of Auld Lang Syne still echoing in the halls, cue the politicians of every hue struggling for space on the hustings to make their pre-emptive strikes in an election campaign which promises to be one of the most fiercely fought in recent times. Yes, as we all know 2015 will see a general election in May and the issues that appear to be dominant are the economic recovery, immigration, the NHS among others. While the important matters of state will predominate it is incumbent on special interest groups like FBHVC to ensure that all the parties are fully informed of their stance and that likewise they themselves are informed how the various parties view them and their particular views.

With this in mind The Federation has produced its Election Manifesto and, reproduced it attached to this release in full. It gives the FBHVC Board the opportunity to communicate what we stand for to all its member organisations and this is very important to us as we are a membership organisation and as such is only mandated to represent the member clubs where we accurately represents the common good.

Copies will be made widely available to all members, MP's, MEP's and all other groups with an interest in historic vehicles and their rights of access to the public highway.

You can view the manifesto here