Drive It Day

First introduced in 2005, the format for Drive It Day is a tried and tested formula. The Federation sets the date each year (as close as possible to the anniversary of the 1000 Mile Trial) and publicises the event nationally. The many clubs that comprise the Federation’s membership then plan and schedule regional and local events throughout the country. The events are as varied as the vehicles taking part and include Drive Outs, Rallies, and meetings at local beauty spots or historic sites. Important venues such as The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Brooklands, Lakelands Motor Museum, The British Motor Museum, Gaydon and Bicester Heritage are a few of the major locations that usually participate but there will be scores of events the length and breadth of the country.

Detail of the original event, courtesy of Graces Guide to British industrial history, can be seen here 

The site also has links to "The Autocar" for the year of the event, 1900, which are here

Member clubs are encouraged to let the Federation know their plans. The easiest method is to post on the  FBHVC facebook page here or to the FBHVC National Coordinator for Drive it Day is Ken Coad who can be contacted on email

Dates for future Year's Drive It Days will be as follows:
2019 - 28th April.
2020 - 26th April
2021 - 25th April
2022 - 24th April
2023 - 23rd April
2024 - 21st  April

For video clips and pictures, see the links below

YouTube videos, uploaded by individuals & clubs, are here

For Instagram users posts here

ForTwitter users, search on #FBHVC #DriveItDay

The Official Supplier of Drive-It Day Rally Plates for the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is Dragonfly. They can send out one-off plates direct to any Classic vehicle owner who wishes to participate in this nationwide FBHVC organised event. Clubs can also order in larger quantities so that their members can take advantage of better unit prices. The easiest way to order is online through the Dragonfly webstore: order online. Or call 0800 7838634


FBHVC RALLY PLATES 2019 for advertising DATED 75mm (002).jpg

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