Legislation & Fuels

The Federation exists to maintain the freedom to use all historic vehicles in the UK.

In support of that aim, the legislation team, headed by the director and deputy director, work to monitor both proposed legislation and regulation and the operation of existing legislation and regulation to promote and protect the right of enthusiasts to use and maintain their historic vehicles on the road

  • without unreasonable restriction;
  • without modification; 
  • without the need to conform to the performance, roadworthiness and  environmental standards which are applied to the generality of modern vehicles.

The legislation team consists of over a dozen members, selected for their wide experience of the UK historic vehicle user community covering all the 130 years of powered road vehicles.

The legislation team works with the legislative bodies of the worldwide FIVA and participates in several FIVA commissions. This is especially important having regard to the European dimension of much proposed UK legislation.

The primary tasks of the legislation team are

  • monitoring Government websites to identify all policy changes proposed;
  • responding to all relevant consultations;
  • lobbying civil servants, ministers and other appropriate trade bodies to ensure preservation of a strong and healthy historic vehicle movement in the UK;
  • encouraging the widest and most accurate possible Press coverage of legislative matters, both current and proposed, concerning historic vehicles