Essential Guides

The FBHVC has recently launched a series of 'Essential Guides' to provide succinct and accessible information on different aspects of the historic vehicle movement.

An essential guide to: Fuels

As a result of the introduction of the EU Renewable Energy Directive and revision of the EU Fuels Directive, the UK Government introduced the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) in April 2008. These renewable fuel targets resulted in the widespread introduction of E5 petrol into the UK and Europe.

The Essential Guide to: Fuels is available here.

The Motoring Heritage Of Wales

The Motoring Heritage of Wales is the first publication to be released: To the best of our knowledge the motoring heritage of Wales has not been chronicled and the Federation asked our projects coordinator, Chris Cartmell, to start the task.
The Motoring Heritage of Wales is available here.

An essential guide to: Archiving

Most clubs have worked hard to create an archive of information relating to their club’s marque. The may include build records, registration data, engineering drawings or a collection of books and documentation about the vehicles. Keeping this material safe and creating into a worthwhile resource and this handy guide will give you some pointers on how to achieve that.  
The Essential Guide to: Archiving is available here.

An essential guide to: DVLA

In order to be able to use and enjoy their historic vehicle, it is well worthwhile for any owner to have a basic understanding of the various regulations with which they and their vehicle are required to comply with. This handy guide introduces you to the basics.
The Essential Guide to: DVLA is available here.

An essential guide to: V765

This information sheet is intended to assist both vehicle owners and classic vehicle clubs in the process of re-uniting an original registration number with their vehicle; where it is not currently showing as a live registration number on the DVLA system.
The Essential Guide to: V765 is available here.

A FIVA guide to: Responsible use of historic vehicles

To ensure the continuing approval of society and the general public, safe driving and environmentally friendly behaviour are vitally important.
The FIVA guide for responsible use of historic vehicles on today's roads is available here.

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