The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) was founded in 1966 and represents the historic vehicle movement globally.

Over recent years FIVA has become truly international with significant growth from former Eastern Bloc countries, China and the Middle East. In total there are 71 countries associated with FIVA who in turn represent 2 million historic vehicle enthusiasts.
You can visit the FIVA website here

FIVA Events

A full calendar or FIVA events can be found here.

FIVA Heritage

FIVA are working with UNESCO to formally recognise historic vehicles as part of our world heritage see the Culture & Youth Commission here.


The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Limited acts as the UK administrative agent for the issue of FIVA Identity Cards, the Federation has no input to the technical examination or validation of provenance of vehicles submitted for a FIVA Card.

The cards provide a simple guide to a vehicle’s history, authenticity and specification and are required for events run under FIVA rules.

FIVA ID card applications and guidelines can be found here

  • With effect from 1 February 2023 the cost of a standard FIVA Card is £160.00 and a priority application is £210.00, both prices include VAT and shipping of the completed card by tracked, courier service to a UK address. International Postage will be charged extra.    
  • Owners who are members of affiliated FBHVC member organisations benefit from £30.00 discount.    
  • FIVA require all vehicles to be physically examined prior to issue of a new card. The cost of these examinations is variable and is subject to agreement between the FIVA Examiner and owner. These costs will be invoiced by the examiner and payment should be made directly to the examiner.
  • If a FIVA Card has been lost, duplicates of cards issued within the past ten years are available at 50% of the current cost of a new card. (Please note the original date of issue will remain and you will not receive a new window sticker.)
  • We can only issue cards for vehicles that are registered in the UK. Cards are valid for ten years but are non-transferable so expire on a change of ownership if that is earlier.

FIVA Legislation

European Union legislation still influences some matters in the UK and the Federation maintains a watching brief in association with FIVA and the Public policy, Regulatory and Communication management consultancy EPPA UK.

The Federation represents United Kingdom interests within FIVA and has significant representation. FIVA works through a series of commissions and we are represented as follows:

  • Chairman of the Motorcycle Commission - Keith Gibbins
  • Culture & Youth Commission – Keith Gibbins
  • Chairman of the Events Commission – Malcolm Grubb
  • Legislation Commission – Bob Owen

The Legislation Commission link is here.

Details of the Motorcycle Commission can be seen here

The Events Commission here.

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