Heritage Organisations

The FBHVC also builds relationships with a range of heritage organisations in order to look for mutual benefits.

These include:

National Transport Trust

The FBHVC have a strong relationship with the NTT, formerly the Transport Trust, which is Britain's only charity dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all modes of transport heritage, road, rail, sea & air and the related infrastructure.

This country's growth and prosperity has been inextricably linked with the movement of people and cargo. We take it as our mission to ensure the story of this heritage does not slip into oblivion.

The Trust's Chief Executive,  Stuart Wilkinson, announced in June 2020 that, Anne, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, who through her associations with the Worshipful Company of Carmen, Aerospace Bristol and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, among others, has excellent connections to the world of transport, had agreed to be the new Royal Patron.

The UK's transport preservation movement comprises a diverse list of participants, ranging from major museums and trusts through to small societies and individuals.  There is naturally a great geographical spread between these groups, and as we have matured, the NTT's involvement as a coordinating body has grown too.  By forging links and building relationships we offer a common platform for all and provide a single point of contact for anyone seeking information, expertise or advice on any particular form of transport preservation.

See here for more information.

National Trust

United by a common belief that nature, beauty and history are for everyone, the three founders, Octavia Hill, Robert Hunter and Hardwicke Rawnsely, set up the National Trust in 1895 so that natural and historic places could be protected for future generations.

We believe that our historic vehicles can also be viewed in a similar manner.

By building this relationship we see mutual benefits and to that end we are working on joint marketing material.

For more on the National Trust see here

The Heritage Alliance

THA are England’s biggest coalition of heritage interests that bring together independent heritage organisations from the National Trust, English Heritage, Canal & River Trust and Historic Houses Association, to more specialist bodies representing visitors, owners, volunteers, professional practitioners, funders and educationalists. THA members’ 6.3 million volunteers, trustees, members and staff demonstrate the strength and commitment of the independent heritage movement.

The FBHVC work closely with THA to promote our movement, including the establishment of a Mobile Heritage Advocacy Group.

For more information on the THA, click here

Heritage Fuels Alliance

The HFA, chaired by  James Hervey-Bathurst, former president of the Historic Houses Association, has been formed by the Heritage Railway Association, the National Traction Engine Trust, the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs, the National Transport Trust and the Association of British Transport & Engineering  Museums to lobby on behalf of members who use coal in railway locomotives, road vehicles, pumping stations in the UK.

Though coal is the current focus, it could help us in the future to ensure supplies of other fuels.

The Society of Automobile Historians in Britain

The Society encourages research, recording, compilation and publication of historical facts concerning the worldwide development of mechanically powered road transport and all related topics from inception to the present day.

The SAHB holds two Seminars annually in the Spring and Autumn where speakers give presentations on an extensive variety of motoring-relating topics.

A very knowledgeable and helpful group. Website here



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