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Our purpose:

  • To encourage and foster the use of our historic vehicles.
  • To provide information on events available to members and promote participation in good-quality events organised by numerous Clubs and professional organisations both within the UK and overseas.
  • To promote the FIVA TECHNICAL CODE that sets standard rules and procedures for dating and classifying historic vehicles and evaluating their level of preservation.
  • To support and encourage the preservation, restoration and use of historic vehicles in a historically and technically correct manner.
  • To issue FIVA ID Cards.

As historic vehicle enthusiasts we should, wherever possible, take part in events to promote our passion and hobby.  By such promotion and use we can demonstrate and emphasise to the public and legislators that our historic vehicles are part of the UK’s culture and heritage. We believe that they should be protected and preserved for generations to come and that the freedom to use our historic vehicles on the public roads must be maintained.
Of course Museums have their place but it is only by regularly using our historic vehicles that attention is focussed on the need to ensure their continued viability as means of transport and enjoyment of a hobby that is worth £7.2 billion per annum to the UK economy.

Malcolm Grubb - Events & Technical Director

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