Published Consultation Creator  Date FBHVC
2023 Changes to the date of the first MOT test and review of historic vehicle exemption. Department for Transport April 2023 Response
2022 Government response to the Landscapes Review Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs April 2022 Response
2021 Future of Transport Regulatory Review - Modernising Vehicle Standards Department for Transport November 2021 Response
2021 Proposed Highway Code Amendments –New section for Automated Vehicles Department for Transport May 2021 Response
2020 Oxford Zero Emission Zone Oxfordshire County Council Jan 2021 Response
2020 Scottish Low Emission Zones Regulations Transport Scotland Dec 2020 Response
2020 Bristol Clean Air Zone Bristol City Council Dec 2020 Response
2020 Greater Manchester CAZ Greater Manchester Local Authority Dec 2020 Response
2020 Safe Use of Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) DfT Oct 2020 Response
2020 Wales Transport Strategy Consultation Welsh Government July 2020 Response
2020 Introducing E10 Petrol Department for Transport April 2020 Response
2020 VED changes consultation 2020 Treasury April 2020 Response
2020 Scottish Regs Consultation Scotland April 2020 Response
2020 Bradford CAZ Bradford Council March 2020 Response
2020 Glasgow LEZ Glasgow City Council April 2020 Response
  Banning Tyres Aged 10 Years or Older Department for Transport 22 August 2019 Response
  Sheffield Clean Air Zone Sheffield City Council   Response
  Bristol Traffic Clean Air Zone Bristol City Council 12 August 2019 Response
26th June 2019 Edinburgh Proposals for a Low Emission Zone Edinburgh City Council   Response
28th June 2018 Greater Manchester Clean Air Clean Air GM 30 June 2019 Response
Sep 2018 E10 petrol, consumer protection and fuel pump labelling consultation DfT 16th September 2018 Response
  Public Consultation. Bath Clean Air Zone Bath & North East Somerset Council Nov 2019 Response
12 Oct 2018 Cleaner Domestic Burning of Solid Fuels and Wood Defra   Response
  Leeds Clean Air Zone Formal Consultation Leeds City Council   Response
4th July 2018 A Clean Air Zone for Birmingham Birmingham City Council Aug 2018 Response
June 2018 A Clean Air Framework for Wales Welsh Government Jun 2018 Response
2 Feb 2018 Road Vehicles; Improving Air Quality and Safety DfT Mar 2018 Response
4 Apr 17 London Ultra Low Emission Zone TfL Jun 2017  
May-17 Tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities DfT Jun 2017  
20-Dec-16 Technical consultation on motor insurance (Vnuk ruling) DfT / Defra Mar 2017  
29-Nov-16 Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order amendments DfT Jan 2017  
13-Oct Implementation of Clean Air Zones in England Defra Dec 2017  
Sep 2016

Roadworthiness testing for vehicles of historic interest

Impact assesment

DfT Nov 2016 Response
Sep 2016 Roadworthiness testing for fast tractors and other technical changes to vehicle testing DfT Nov 2016 Response
Jul 2016 Pathway to Driverless Cars DfT Sep 2016  
Nov 2015 West Yorkshire Low Emission Strategy (WYLES) Council coalition Dec 2015  
Jan 2015 HGV periodic testing and inspections exemptions DfT Mar 2015  
Jan 2015 Goods vehicle operator licensing exemptions Dft Mar 2015  
Oct 2014 REACH, chromium and asbestos HSE On going  
Aug 2014 Transparency in Lobbying Elect Comm    
Jul 2014 Increased speed limit proposals for HGVs DfT Sep 2015  
Jul 2014 London Safer Lorries Scheme TFL Sep 2014  
Jul 2014 Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation DfT Aug 2014  
Apr 2014 Discontinuence of tax disc Treas    
Apr 2014 18th edition of the " In service emission standards for road vehicles" booklet DfT May 2015  
Mar 2014 Draft Framework for FBHVC Apprenticeship in Historic Vehicle Restoration FBHVC in conjunction with Mar 2015  
Feb 2014 Proposal to Authorise Motor Sport Events on Public Roads Department of Culture, Media & Sport Apr 2014  
Jan 2014 Brighton Speed Trials      
Jan 2014 London ULEZ TFL Jan 2015  
Dec 2013 Finance Bill 2014: draft legislation HM Treasury & HMRC Feb 2014  
Aug 2013 Proposed amendment to the Motor Fuel Composition and Content Regulations 1999 Department for Transport Sep 2013  
Jul 2013 Asbestos: Marketing and use of second hand articles Defra Aug 2013  
Jul 2013 Future of vehicle registration and licensing services in Northern Ireland Driver and vehicle licensing agency Sep 2013  
Jul 2013 Motorcycle, lorry and bus driving licences and driving test rules Driving Standards Agency & 1 other Aug 2013  
May 2013 EU balance of competences review: transport call for evidence Department Aug 2013  
Apr 2013 Fees for HGV & PSV Testing, Operator Licensing, othe VOSA, Services & some DVA services DfT Jun 2013  
Feb 2013 Street Trading and Pedlary Laws Department for Business Innovation & Skills Apr 2013  
Dec 2012 Motoring Services Strategy DfT Mar 2013  



Greater Manchester Clean Air Proposals Consultation Response.pdf

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