Heritage, Culture, & Drive-it Day

The team focus is on establishing historic vehicles as items of cultural heritage. 

Aligned with this objective are various activities aimed at raising public awareness of historic vehicles such as the Federation’s Drive It Day, our growing support of Heritage Open Days and the opportunity for enthusiasts to visit the many transport museums who are members of the Federation.

The 2019 Research indicated some 21 million people see historic vehicles as an important element of the UK's heritage. We would like to see this number continue to increase.

We have also built relationships with a range of heritage organisations to give us a wider and higher profile.

The FBHVC are members of the “Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens” (FIVA) which was founded to represent the interests of historic vehicle enthusiasts globally. Currently FIVA has over 85 member organisations in more than 62 countries throughout the world, which represents more than 1,500,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts. We are active on a number of commissions, including Culture & Youth, Legislation, Technical, Motorcycle & Events.

FIVA are working with UNESCO and the International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) to formally establish FIVA as the NGO for historic vehicles. The aim being to achieve global recognition of historic vehicles as an important part of world heritage.

This recognition is based on the the FIVA Charter of Turin, the leading guide on historic vehicle preservation. The FIVA Culture Commission have produced a handbook which describes some methodologies that can be used to preserve and protect historic vehicles in a manner sympathetic with the Charter.

They also produce a guide to the responsible use of historic vehicles on today's roads, see here.

A history of the FBHVC, its background and objectives can be found on our history page.


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