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National Drive It Day was created by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in 2005.  It is the occasion when historic vehicle enthusiasts and the public at large have the opportunity to celebrate the One Thousand Mile Trial organised in 1900 to prove the viability of the new invention, the motor vehicle. It’s also a chance to raise awareness and support amongst the public for the historic vehicle movement and keeping transport heritage on UK roads. 

Drive it Day 2024 - Sunday 21st April

For more information and to order online your Drive it Day or Ride it Day vehicle plates please visit Drive It Day | Yesterday's Vehicles Supporting Today's Children 

FBHVC will continue to support the NSPCC’s Childline®  to raise money as an integrated part of Drive it Day in order to use our movement to contribute to a section of society that has needed huge help and support during the pandemic – vulnerable children. Lockdown has magnified all sorts of societal problems and the long days and weeks trapped in broken homes or abusive environments have put vulnerable children even more at risk. 

Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis is being felt across the country. And we know that children are feeling it too. It's estimated that one third of children in the UK live in poverty. Poverty puts enormous stress on families which can leave children at risk of harm. Calls to our Childline service have already shown that children and young people are well aware of the strain that the cost of living is having on their parents and carers.

That's why we're here to listen to their worries and provide crucial support. Meanwhile, our local services are working directly with families who are already feeling overwhelmed. But the demand for these services is growing, and we'll struggle to continue our work without the help of our supporters.

We know that times are tough for everybody right now. We mean it when we say that every donation means so much to us, and that every pound counts.

Please show your support today and purchase a Drive it Day or Ride it Day plate- because every one sold can make a big difference to a child or young persons life.

BBC’s Naga Munchetty visited NSPCC Childline's London base and interviewed staff and volunteers. Here are some of the comments from that visit...

Pauline has volunteered for Childline for 15 years. She and her colleagues have noticed a change in the type of calls they’ve been receiving recently. “Over the last few weeks we have been saying to each other there are a lot of children who are feeling hopeless.
“Life is very difficult for adults, and children are seeing that,”
she says.

Barry is a supervisor at Childline, he says there’s a similar picture at all 12 of their UK bases. “We’re seeing contacts come through where young people are concerned about the cost of living crisis…it might be subtle, from people who are picking up vibes at home from mum and dad or whoever looks after them, showing that they are concerned about the future,” he says.

73% of the children who responded to a recent survey said they are worried about their family having less money for the things they may need in the next few months.
Ruth has worked as a volunteer at Childline for 30 years. She says “young people have had a triple whammy recently and there’s still a knock-on effect,” following the Covid pandemic. “When parents are busying with their own stresses, to have someone on the other end of the phone to really listen can be so powerful for a young person.
“Every week I feel a sense of pride as a Childline volunteer,”
Ruth says.

Visit Drive It Day | Yesterday's Vehicles Supporting Today's Children to purchase your fundraising vehicle plate, order online here. Please make a difference.

Please take a moment to view these videos recorded by Childline® counsellors.  

Colin takes a moment to share with us a gripping story. He took part on the very first Childline® shift and is still a volunteer today.

In the words of Sir Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC “Childline® is a crucial service on which young people can rely - day or night - whatever problems or dangers they are facing.”

Please support Childline® now via our link.

Ride it Day Vehicle Plates

Carl Fogarty
“Last year people from the motorbike community came together and helped raise over £40,000 for the NSPCC’s Childline Service by taking part in the annual Drive It Day. For the first time ever, we now have our very own Ride It Day. This April, you can buy a Ride It Day Rally Plate for just £12.50 and ride out with friends, or join an organised event, and once again help support vulnerable children and young people across the UK. Visit the FBHVC website for more details on Drive It Day or head to today to order your rally plate and to sign up to take part this April. Let’s get these children the support they need and raise as much money as we can for Childline!” - Carl Fogarty


Details of the original event, courtesy of Graces Guide to British industrial history, can be seen here 

The site also has links to "The Autocar" for the year of the event, 1900, which are here

Member clubs are encouraged to let the Federation know their plans. The easiest method is to post on the  FBHVC facebook page here

Dates for future Year's Drive It Days will be as follows:

2024 - 21st  April

2025 - 27th April

2026 - 26th April

2027 - 25th April

2028 - 23rd April

For video clips and pictures, see the links below
YouTube videos, uploaded by individuals & clubs, are here
For Instagram users posts here
ForTwitter users, search on #FBHVC #DriveItDay


* DRIVE IT DAY and the associated logo are registered trademarks of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Limited.

Details may be found at: and

The Federation grants permission to clubs and organisations to use its trademarks to promote Drive It Day. However, in using the branding, the Federation should be acknowledged and the trademarks marked as such.

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