Driving Abroad Post Brexit

Published: 06/02/2020

Our Chairman, David Whale has recently travelled to Rétromobile  and here is his reccollection of the trip so far......

"When the French Federation invited me to take two exhibits to display on their stand at Rétromobile I was delighted but slightly daunted at the prospect of crossing the English Channel just three days after we left the European Union. I made lots of preparations including obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) suitable for France, there are three different versions and the link gives more information. The IDP was really easy to purchase at a main Post Office. I also obtained green cards for both my light truck and the Rosengart car which was being transported along with the Rosengart electric motor. I have the original V5C documents and for good measure my UK driving licence (I still only have the paper version) and the UK Certificates of Insurance for both vehicles.

I also purchased a new oval GB sticker as I had been told you must display one of these even if there is a 'GB' within your number plate.  

So, what happened? Well, it was all very low key . . . at Dover my passport was checked during check-in for the ferry and when I arrived in Calais I approached the immigration control . . . passport in hand but the office was in darkness and no officers present and I just drove by. I return via Calais next Monday so we'll update the story when I've made that journey."


If you will soon be travelling abroad, you can view the details as published on website as per the link below:

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