Historic Vehicles - a hobby for the rich only? - FIVA Chat Room

Published: 28/04/2022

In line with our strategy to connect more with the youth and to create a sense of community, we will be holding our fourth FIVA Chat Room session, on this Friday, the 29th of April, at 3:30pm CET. 
It's via Zoom, and the idea is to use the Facebook and Instagram platforms to popularise the concept and invite enthusiasts to participate in a discussion on a different topic every month. We like to listen to the sentiments in the scene, by pointing our antenna to the young and young-at-heart.  
For this FIVA Chat Room session, the topic chosen is: Historic vehicles: a hobby for the rich only? We are asking this to the participants, and we look forward to receiving frank feedback and suggestions, independent of FIVA’s views. 
Please note that this is an informal activity by FIVA, to grow the engagement of young people and get a better understanding of their mindset.
And of course, please share this information with your youth, and invite them to get on board for the discussion. But let the “non-officials” have their say, because this is indeed meant to be a chat session, not a FIVA conference.
Topic: #4 FIVA Chat Room - Historic Vehicles: a hobby for the rich only?
Time: Apr 29, 2022 03:30 PM Rome
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Meeting ID: 883 8373 2298

Best wishes,
Gautam Sen
Vice-President Communication

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