The purpose of the Federation’s on-going research programme is to support the primary objective of upholding the right to use historic vehicles on the road without either restriction or need for modification, thus keeping yesterday’s vehicles on tomorrow’s roads.

We need to influence politicians and the media at home and in Europe so they may argue our case and thus help support and maintain our current freedoms. The best way of exerting that influence is to demonstrate the historic vehicle movement’s contribution at international, national and local levels. Our research projects are aimed at providing up to date facts and figures to do just that.

The Federation has been at the forefront of research into historic vehicle activity for over 20 years.

2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey

The objective of the 2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey is to provide an update to our 2011 report and to create a new and fresh valuable resource to the industry. The results of the survey have been published in two parts: the first part, a Summary Report, giving the key findings and facts which runs to 12 pages and the full Structural Report which stretches to over 70 pages and provides a wealth of detailed data

It is hoped that its findings will stimulate understanding of the sector across a range of important stakeholders including government and politicians, international partner bodies, together with historic vehicle enthusiasts and interested members of the British population.

The reports include a very detailed picture of national interest in historic vehicles, as well as an exploration of historic vehicle characteristics and owner spending patterns together with an update on employment trends and employer perspectives towards the sector.

Summary Report

Structural Survey results


0310 FBHVC Report TEXT V0_7W.pdf
Crieff Report-eprf2-3.pdf
Cost of Ownership Survey - Nov 2018.docx
FINAL FBHVC National Survey Report 2016.pdf
L-to-B Car Run report_latest.pdf
0310 FBHVC Report TEXT V0_7W_1.pdf

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