CORONAVIRUS: General advice to clubs from the FBHVC

Published: 28/06/2020

The FBHVC is committed to following and passing on the latest UK Government advice on events and public gatherings pertinent to our member clubs.

General Advice

Some key changes to Government guidance have been implemented to enable sections of the hospitality industry to re-open. However, none of these changes have yet given the green light for historic vehicle events, meets or road runs in groups to resume. 

Tighter restrictions still exist in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so, members in those areas should check on the guidance from the authorities for their particular region as linked below. Furthermore, as regional outbreaks occur, (such as seen this Summer in Leicester, England) local guidance may also change on a regional basis. 

Cafés , Restaurants and Pubs that are able to reopen, will be placed under heavy restrictions to enforce social distancing. Many venues will be operating a pre-book only policy and all venues will be required to record the personal details of anyone entering their premises.

The following outlines the position relating to historic vehicle club events, road runs and meets.

At the current time, the FBHVC is strongly advising our organisers for local groups to continue to cancel all social activities and refrain from road runs or any other meets in groups, until further notice. 

Please do NOT drive in groups or convoys. It is important that large groups of classic car owners do not congregate in particular areas, such as parks, or places of natural beauty. By all means, use your historic vehicle  individually, we imagine many could do with a good exercise by now! 

Please remember, as a club, we are not only ambassadors for our individual clubs, but also the historic vehicle scene as a whole.

Furthermore, Motorsport UK have stated that spectators will not be allowed at test days, race meetings and track days. 

At this moment in time, we feel it strikes very much the wrong tone with the public to parade historic vehicles  through the streets and country lanes when many people are still in self-isolation within their homes or experiencing hardship or the loss of loved ones. The time will come, soon we hope, but it is not yet.

The latest advice, which applies from 4th July 2020, urges us to 'Remain Alert and Safe' . It’s vitally important that club members drive with caution, as tighter lockdown measures could very quickly return following a second spike if guidelines are not followed.

We must remain mindful of our own safety and be vigilant on the impact of our actions on others.

In England, (the most lenient area of the UK in terms of COVID restrictions), public gatherings of more than 30 people are still prohibited in law and there are heavy penalties in place for those that ignore the rules. Guidelines in England still urges us to avoid meetings of more than 6 people from different households in an outdoor space and two households indoors. As mentioned above, other areas of the UK such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may have even tighter restrictions. Read and understand the guidance from the links below. Also, certain  areas of England that have experienced a regional spike in infections may also be subject to tighter restrictions. 

Guidance Links

Key points :

  • The pandemic is NOT over.  The lives of our families and friends are still at risk. 
  • Read and understand Government guidance for your specific area of the UK.
  • Check your vehicle over carefully if it’s not been used for a while, paying particular attention to tyres and brakes. 
  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres ( 1 metre in certain circumstances - refer to Government guidelines ).
  • If you previously declared your historic vehicle as being on SORN to the DVLA , be sure to update it before taking to the road. Where applicable. 
  • If you didn’t renew your insurance policy during lockdown, do it right away. 
  • If your vehicle needs one, do you have an MOT?  The six month extension only applies to cars that were due an MOT after 30th March 2020 and before 1st August. Extensions are granted in the seven days before the expiry date. After August 1st, you will be required to renew your MOT upon it's expiry as normal. 
  • If you begin to display any new symptoms. Please self-isolate immediately and consult the NHS advice below. 

Please be assured that during this rapidly changing situation, we are monitoring advice very closely and will follow up with FBHVC members if the situation develops.

Please note: As our volunteer organisers announce their move to postpone or cancel certain events, members should support them in that decision.

Reach out

We have a number of elderly members amongst our clubs. If you know of any in your region , why not drop them an email or give them a call to chat historic vehicles for a while and make sure they have all they need. For those with underlying health issues, the pandemic remains an unsettlng and potentially lonely time and this is an ideal time for our community to pull together to support each other.

Many clubs are utlising tools like Whatsapp groups and Zoom conference calls to hold 'virtual' regional meetings - why not give it a try? There is a plethora of guidance availble on the internet, but we found this helpful guide to using Zoom particularly useful. 

Offices and club-houses.

The current guidance still reccomends that club staff and volunteers should work from home where possible and that HQs and club houses be restricted to essential staff and closed to visitors. However, some clubs that are able to resume working from their offices with social distancing and sanitising measures in place, can do so. 

Motorsport UK latest guidance:

Motorsport UK  has announced plans as to how it proposes restarting motorsport across its eleven sporting disciplines.

Read more here.

Please adhere to these guidelines to protect the health of yourself and others.

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