Drive It Day - Designated World Motoring Heritage Year Event

Published: 05/02/2016

The Directors of The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) are delighted to announce that Drive It Day™ 2016 has been nominated by the Federation Internationale Vehicles Anciens (FIVA), the world body governing historic vehicle issues, as its flagship event for the UK marking World Motoring Heritage Year.

World Motoring Heritage Year has been declared during 2016 to mark FIVA’s fiftieth anniversary but more importantly to raise awareness of the enormous heritage value that lies in historic vehicles preserved by thousands of enthusiasts around the world. It has long been an ambition of FIVA and its member national federations, to gain recognition for the heritage value of historic vehicles and marking World Motoring heritage Year through events held around the globe will be a powerful demonstration of the breadth and depth of enthusiasm for our mobile heritage.

Commenting on the announcement, FBHVC Chairman, David Whale said, “This is a fitting recognition of the status of Drive It Day™. It is truly a people’s day with an estimated 250,000 vehicles taking part at events across the country and we are delighted that FIVA have recognised it among the select few events to be granted this accolade”.

Drive It Day™- Marking World Motoring Heritage Year 2016, will take place on 24th April. Check the FBHVC website for details of events across the country (

Editor’s notes.

  1. For further information on Drive It Day contact event coordinator, Ken Coad on 01923 262960
  2. For further information on FHVC contact Geoff Lancaster on 07860 562659
  3. For further information on World Motoring Heritage Year contact Gautam Sen on  +33 687164339

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