FBHVC Appoint an Automotive Fuels Specialist

Published: 19/02/2021

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has announced the appointment of Nigel Elliott to the Federation’s Legislation Team, in the role as Automotive Fuels Specialist, with immediate effect. 

The FBHVC currently represents over 500 clubs, museums, independent and trade supporters encompassing a collective membership of over 250,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts. As the umbrella organisation for the historic vehicle movement in the UK, the Federation seeks to work towards defending the freedoms of historic vehicle owners, whilst also addressing the environmental impact of the community’s activities. 

Nigel Elliott joins the Federation to take up what will be an increasingly important role in the coming years as the Federation’s focus fixes squarely upon ensuring combustion engine powered historic vehicles have a place to co-exist alongside electric vehicles on the roads of the future. The Federation sees the need to assess, study and understand the impact of changing fuel demands and technologies on the historic vehicle community as critical work in the coming years. 

Nigel’s professional background has seen him enjoy a successful career working in engine and vehicle testing, and fuels product quality and development for a multi-national oil company. In 2012, Nigel set up a fuels quality consultancy. He is an active member of the British Standards Institute PTI/2 Liquid Fuels Committee as a co-opted expert, responsible for petrol, diesel and non-road fuel standards. Nigel was the Convener of the European Fuel Standards (CEN) Diesel committee and a long-term UK expert member of the Petrol Committee and has been heavily involved in the development of the Biodiesel and Ethanol standards and their implementation in road fuels. 

This impressive professional background is set against a passion for historic vehicles and motorsport. Nigel is a keen hill-climber and supporter of Shelsley Walsh Hill climb. A member of numerous clubs, including the MAC, HDLCC, Bugatti Owners Club, HSA and BARC, Nigel competes in a 1979 Triumph TR7-V8 4.6 litre twin Turbo modified production car. Nigel has also owned a number of classic Range Rovers over the years and currently runs a ‘modern classic’ 2004 Jaguar XKR convertible.

Speaking on his appointment Nigel Elliott said, “I am looking forward to helping the historic vehicle community understand the challenges that we face regarding fuel quality and supply. Historic vehicles are very dear to my heart and so bringing my specialist professional knowledge built from 43 years of experience in the industry, I hope to contribute to the team tasked with preserving the freedoms of enthusiasts to continue to use and enjoy historic vehicles on UK roads.” 
David Whale, FBHVC Chairman said, “The Federation and the historic vehicle community are going have to face the challenges of fuel supply and quality increasingly over coming years. Not only that but we will be required to put our points across to those in power with the backing of professional experience and expertise. We are looking forward to Nigel Elliott joining us and bringing those qualities to our existing team of highly capable volunteers. ”

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