Philip Young

Published: 17/03/2015

Philip Young

Sadly we have recently lost a real “giant” and pioneer from the historic vehicle scene not just within the UK but worldwide - Philip Young.

I first came across Philip when I competed on the 1992 Mitsubishi Classic Marathon in my 1965 Mini Cooper.  By then he had already been at the forefront of the historic vehicle scene for some 10 years or so and was the creator and driving force behind the original Pirelli Classic Marathon of 1988.  He not only competed in a variety of cars and long-distance events (even borrowing the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Morris Minor for the 1980 Himalayan Rally) but also was one of the real pioneers who moved the whole scene forward as he went.

It was Philip who created the Monte Carlo Challenges of the 1990s (remember the Standard 10s, Austin A40s, Ford Zephyrs, Wolseley 1500s, Riley 1.5s, Austin Westminsters, Triumph Heralds etc.) that have now morphed into the ACM’s Monte Carlo Historique.  It was Philip who was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the Historic Rally Car Register (HRCR).  It was Philip who decided that, in 1997, it was time to recreate the Peking to Paris Rally that has now become a legend.  It was Philip who sometimes, almost literally, moved mountains to get his ideas accepted and events “off the ground”.  Indeed in almost every corner of historic rallying you could say “It was Philip who…….”.

There are not many facets of our hobby that he, in some way and at some time, hasn’t influenced significantly.  Where there was some initiative, creativity, resourcefulness, drive and determination for historic rallying required, Philip was there.

In more recent times as Head of the UK’s Endurance Rally Association his more recent adventures in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and now Asia have inspired many enthusiasts to get their cars “sorted” and have a go.  Many of us have been very grateful for such opportunities to see the world from perspectives we would not experience on an average package holiday.

It is a very sad time for all of us - Philip we will miss you greatly.

Tony Davies; FBHVC Director for Events & Technical 

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