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California Classics Hull Limited (CCHL)

The MGB, for many, is the affordable classic sports car, which, in theory, should need no introduction, I imagine we have all seen or heard, sat in, driven or stared lovingly at an MGB at some point in our lives.
From early experiences of driving to fond memories of friends or relatives owning one, to the all too familiar tale of parting ways with a cherished MG to make way for a family-friendly car with more seats or as a deposit for a new home.
People interested in the 1960s & 1970s cars will, at some point, have been involved to some extent with an MGB, and this is where our story begins.

We are THE MGB Specialists; you can choose your own specification, colour, interior, wheels, suspension etc. We build your GT or Roadster to order using a new Heritage Body shell.

Call or write for expert guidance and advice from those who know MGBs.

We have been established for more than three decades.

The ubiquitous MGB dominates the classic car market; with so many bewildering choices, we can provide what you need in your own MGB. There is nobody quite like CCHL, and our Range is the best available. 
We've been recreating these legendary vehicles, building them better and better each time; each one is carefully constructed by hand.

In this process, if a component needs improving, we improve it; if it can't be improved, we leave it alone; how do you know all this? 
Our difference is noticeable, and we never compromise. You will feel it when you sit behind the wheel. 

There are many choices of MGB rebuilds out there, but only CCHL builds each MGB to our high standards. 

That's because no one has been doing this for longer, and no one takes the same care that we do. 

We will attend to everything on your vehicle, and only us; we alone are responsible for every nut and bolt; it takes hundreds of hours to make every MGB the best it can be, and we will see your build through from start to finish. 

We ensure we never lose what made them so unique in the beginning.
We turn your dream into reality, your journey starts with us, but your adventure will last a lifetime. 
CCHL create the Best MGB V8, too, period; why not make an appointment and see them for yourself?

MGB Roadster and MGB GT
29 Bankside Clough Road Hull East Yorkshire HU5 1SY
01482 441551

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