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With our unique professionally designed Classic Car Fuel Injection kit you can update and improve your vehicle giving you full control of both the Fuel and Ignition Systems.

It gives you full ECU control of the entire Fuel and Ignition Systems using full 3D look up tables. You can be sure of always having the correct fuelling and ignition timing at all engine speeds, loads and temperatures.

Easily fitted to many classic cars it can be installed by professionals and home mechanics alike. You do not need to understand fuel injection systems as long as you have some mechanical ability and some basic PC skills you can fit and tune this system.

After fitment the system self tunes to teach itself the precise fuelling requirements for your vehicle.

Just fit the system, get the vehicle started and then drive it. The more you drive it the better it gets as the system automatically learns and adapts to your vehicle.

Fit The Kit  -   Improve Reliability  -   Leave Your Mobile Phone At Home

Classic Car Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition Conversion Improved Starting, Performance and Fuel Economy
Unit 7B Reeds Farm Estate Writtle Chelmsford CM1 3ST
07968 448803

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