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Custodian is a digital platform designed to simplify automotive ownership. Members can keep their car’s important documents, invoices, photographs and history files in one place. It is searchable and at your fingertips. Simply, it is your garage in your pocket. 

Users can share their profile using a link or a QR code. This can be with prospective buyers or fellow enthusiasts who want to learn more about your vehicle. Custodian is also able to create alerts so you never miss an MoT, insurance renewal or event. It is also completely free to use.

Members can load a huge variety of information into their profile. This includes scanned documentation, photographs and invoices. Members can also upload other details related to their vehicle. This includes the events that they attend and the specialists they use. They can even upload the causes of any breakdowns.

The process of digitising this information is to provide a back up to the hard copies for those just in case moments and to make the ownership experience more enjoyable and easier. It also ensures that years of knowledge are not lost when a vehicle changes hands.Custodian has developed sophisticated software to store and process this data. It will be able to analyse this data and create invaluable insights.

As its user base grows, so does its value. Custodian members will be able to use the platform to gain useful insights. Soon, members will be able to see the average market value of their vehicle. They will also be able to view common faults that specific vehicle models have and the best places to have them fixed. These are just some examples of the future functionality of Custodian. 

Custodian can only build its platform in partnership with the classic vehicle community. We invite all members of the FBHVC to take part in securing the future of classic and specialist vehicles.

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Custodian is a free-to-use digital platform which allows enthusiasts to manage their cars online. Our tooling makes the ownership of classic and specialist cars easier. By doing so, we make o
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