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Lynbrook Insurance hold a rather special place in the insurance world with a record stretching back to the early 1970s. 

In turn, the partners determined to create possibly the most unique insurance products to cater for like minded owners whose interest and passion for vehicles  (with two or more wheels)  mirrored theirs.  In other words, getting your hands dirty in the maintenance, and even creation, of a motorcycle or car was familiar to them at a personal level. 

What happened next was research in the insurance world for an underwriter prepared to grant the cover that LYNBROOK wanted - and not what insurers in general were prepared to offer. It took a year to achieve this - taking the Classic scene by surprise at the time. So radical was this that the national press, including Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Practical Classics, etc. wrote articles about it. 

Of course, as time passed, improvements were made including being the first company to offer inclusive Breakdown and Recovery, both in the UK and abroad, as a single instance. Others have attempted to copy some of the features, but still lag well behind. 

Lynbrook finds that their reputation generates most enquires which are ably handled by friendly and caring staff.  So what are the principal features provided *- 

  • Highly competitive premiums
  • Multi vehicle (car and/or motorcycles) discounted insurance
  • Owners aged from 21 to 79 - for new business
  • Existing clients - no upper age limit.
  • FREE valuations with accompanying Agreed Value protection
  • Salvage retention possible
  • Select your own specialist repairer OR repair any damage and receive parts costs plus a contribution for any of your own labour
  • Spares /Accessories at home included up to £500 or £more if required
  • Breakdown/Recovery/Homestart in the UK including Smart M’ways
  • Breakdown/Recovery in the EU
  • Drive/Ride a car/motorcycle not belonging to you on the same cover as you have in your policy
  • Loss or damage to vehicle keys
  • Insure Classics and Moderns on the same policy gaining improved benefits for the “moderns”
  • Low policy excesses
  • PLUS - for policyholders only - optional comprehensive car/motorcycle trailer cover

*NOTE: As always, the Insurance Underwriter determines the scope of cover you qualify for.

Quote line - Telephone : 0800 4700553

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