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Northern Radiators Limited

Specialists in vehicle radiator and fuel tank repairs and reconditioning.

Offering services and advice to help maintain classic vehicles of all shapes and sizes and keep them on the move.

Northern Radiators have been repairing Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil coolers, Heaters, Condensers, Fuel tanks and Sumps for nearly a century. Our head office and workshops are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but we serve all of the UK and Worldwide.

We carry out the repair work many others simply can’t do, from specialist radiator repair work, Commercial radiator repair work and Classic and Vintage radiator repair work.

If you are having radiator issues, simply call 0800 002 9625 or email

A bit more about us...

Northern Radiators go back quite some time…….established in 1920. We were the original radiator manufacturer for Scott Motorcycles.

Our vintage and classic division have worked on hundreds of radiators over the years, we know how to put them right!

Many classic radiators suffer from overheating, this is normally down to the water tubes suffering from a build-up of deposits that restrict the flow rate. A quick test in our workshop will soon pin point if the radiator is blocked.

Out time served staff have the expertise and skills and offer the following services:

A pressure test will reveal any leaks in the core or tanks of the radiator. A flow test will determine the extent of any internal blockage to the tubes.
After testing we will contact you with our findings and recommendations without any obligation.

Internal blockages may be removed with a chemical clean. Badly blocked cores will require a replacement.
External blockage in the core can be removed with steam cleaning.

We are able to repair many leaking radiators, tube leaks, core leaks, tank leaks and fitting leaks. We have many repair techniques depending on the problem.

Some radiators will recondition. We will strip the radiator down and clean all parts. Tubes will be unblocked and tube joints re soldered. Reassembled and tested.

We can recore any classic radiator and offer many different specification of cores from the original design to ones with more water tubes and a higher fin pitch, and in most cases a more efficient construction of core which provides up-rated cooling.

Vehicle heating, cooling and fuel tank repair and restoration
Unit J Apex Industrial Estate Parkfield Street Leeds LS11 5PH
0113 243 5051

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