FBHVC Statement Regarding FIVA Press Release on Low Emission Zones in Europe

Published: 29/02/2016

The Board of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) issued the following on 26 February 2016:

‘With regard to the press release issued by the Fédération International  des  Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) on the subject of harmonised LEZs across the Community, we would like to make clear a number of points:

  1. As the release states, FIVA has been working to assist its national federations in achieving consistent exemptions for historic vehicles in Low Emission Zones across the European Community.
  2. Lobbying for actual harmonisation of exemption from Low Emission Zones across the European Community is not an agreed policy of FIVA. FBHVC could not support its future adoption by FIVA.
  3. FBHVC, together with their parliamentary colleagues in the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Group (APPHVG) have negotiated locally, in the case of both the existing Greater London LEZ and the forthcoming London ULEZ, favourable exemptions on behalf of its historic vehicle owning membership.
  4. It is FBHVC policy that its members’ interests will be best served by lobbying at a domestic level for exemptions on a case by case basis.
  5. FBHVC is alert to the several proposals for regional LEZs across the UK and is engaging appropriately, with initial indications that it is likely to be successful.
  6. While FIVA has for some time followed the definitions of historic vehicles in its publications such as the FIVA Technical Code and the Charter of Turin, these are concepts for use in FIVA’s activities and not intended to be incorporated into European Union or any other law.
  7. FBHVC keeps the UK All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group fully briefed on its approaches and the APPHVG is in full agreement with FBHVC on this matter.
  8. FBHVC has requested FIVA withdraw their press release to give FIVA executive time to consider their position on LEZs in the appropriate manner and with due consultation with the national federations.

Editor’s notes:

For further information contact Geoff Lancaster on 07860 562659,

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