Classic Trade Launches as an Innovative Classic Car Remarketing Platform

Published: 18/06/2020

  • Classic Trade looks to transform classic car sales by providing dealers a flexible, transparent and straightforward alternative to auctions?
  • A closed network of approved dealers, and a third-party reviews system allows for total trust and transparency?
  • Dealers can quickly fulfil demand, and consumers can choose from hundreds of cars, while dealing with their local, trusted showroom

Classic Trade is an innovative new trade platform for classic car dealers, providing a quick and easy way to buy and sell cars without the cost, risk or logistical complications associated with physical auctions.

The platform has been designed by experts in vehicle remarketing to streamline the trade process,vehicles can be listed easily by utilising the dealer's current website images and descriptions, and - unlike physical auctions - vehicles remain in the showroom and on sale to the consumer, so there is never a retail opportunity missed.

Classic Trade simplifies the vehicle remarketing process by connecting dealers to a shared virtual showroom with hundreds of cars in stock, all available and ready to be delivered. With the industry’s lowest transactional fees, dealers can quickly fulfill demand, and consumers can now purchase a huge selection of vehicles from their trusted local Classic Car showroom.

Classic Trade is the brainchild of Robert Wittridge, an experienced vehicle remarketing expert who has previously held senior roles in the automotive auction industry.

Robert Wittridge, Classic Trade Founder, said:

“With few options available outside of the exhaustive physical auction route, dealers tend to trade within their own limited networks, at Classic Trade we have taken that concept online giving dealers greater flexibility and control of their stock. Dealers can remain fluid when cashflow is needed, source-specific cars as required, rotate their stock easily,and have absolute confidence in our process."

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