Joint Delegation of Historic Vehicle Enthusiasts Meets Mininster

Published: 06/03/2015

A joint delegation of the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Group (APPHVG) and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), met Claire Perry MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport today (Tuesday 3rd March). The meeting Seals the involvement of the APPHVG and the FBHVC in a process during which the UK Government will enact the EU Directive on Roadworthiness Testing which came into force across Europe last year and must be adopted by member states before May 2018.

The joint delegation had prepared a detailed paper which sets out a protocol for the adoption of the EU Directive which it believes is faithful to the letter and spirit of the Directive while at the same time preserves and protects the rights to highway access for more than 250,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts.

The meeting, which took place in the Minister’s Parliamentary office, lasted around 40 minutes during which the Minister acknowledged that there was a sensible transition period and assured the delegation that all this time would be used to ensure the implementation was correctly undertaken. She also welcomed the availability to officials of the joint delegation’s expertise in preserving historic vehicles as an example of our national heritage.

David Whale, Chairman of the FBHVC said, “This has been a very cordial and constructive meeting which gives me optimism that the Government understands the challenges of introducing this legislation in an inclusive way. I have re-assured the Minister that the Federation is ready to work alongside government to meet these challenges. The production and presentation today of the joint paper with the APPHVG marks the start of this process.”

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